NextDoorStudios Exclusive Jake Porter: “I’ve Heard Rumors From Other Studios About Working For Next Door And Was Warned To Stay Away…”

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jake-porter-gay-pornI am so happy to have finally shot with Next Door Studios! I’ve heard rumors from other studios about working for Next Door and was warned to stay away, but to be honest it’s one of the best studios I’ve ever shot with.“–Jake Porter

That’s an actual quote from an actual press release announcing the signing of Jake Porter as a NextDoorStudios exclusive. If the best thing you can say about someone is that they aren’t as horrible as you thought they’d be, well…good luck! And, kudos to the PR person at NextDoorStudios for actually including Porter’s quote in their announcement.

Porter—a proud Trump voter and right-wing misogynist who supports white supremacist trolls—went on to say, “What I enjoy most is that at the end of each shoot, the owner takes all the models and staff to dinner. Next Door Studios feels like a family. I wish I would have shot with them sooner. I’m so happy to be here now.”

NextDoorStudios has been making headlines about its models and crew members all year, with one NextDoor director accused of threatening models with physical violence, another director entering drug rehab, one model saying he won’t work with HIV-positive non-detectable performers, and one former model joining a Mormon anti-pornography group. Just last week, the studio came under fire on social media after posting photos of a recent shoot showing 12 models poolside, and not a single one of them was a model of color:

nextdoor1ECQtajYXkAA-vGfWeighing in on the dozen white models were performers Max Konnor, Küper, Josh Moore, Michael Del Ray, Jacen Zhu, and even Chi Chi LaRue (responding to Zhu), who came under fire herself last week for her own production:

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  • jimboivyo

    Way to go Chi Chi! You sure weren’t color blind when POC were donating to your rehab campaign. But, perhaps, that’s just my opinion.

    • czer

      Chi Chi was a better director when she was fat and a drunk.

  • GayhawkAZ

    What do you expect from a trash heap of a performer like Jake Porter?

  • sxg

    People said the same thing about duckface studios before they came out with their own #metoo moment involving the studio. Difference is no one will care when porter potty comes out with his own.

  • B.C.

    From MEN to Next Door. That’s not much of an upgrade. Looking hot, though.

  • Scrapple

    I love that press release, because I’ve heard confirmations from Jake Porter about living as Jake Porter and was inclined to stay away. People like to talk about Deacon and Asher being a package deal at Sean Cody, but I think we know Jake was only invited to the studio because they had plans for Hayden’s ass. Then again, Donte is gone now, so I guess NextDoor had to replace ignorance with more ignorance.

    Max Konnor saw all those White models and said “Put me in coach! I’m ready to play!” Then he got on Twitter and feigned abhorrence and activism.

    Küper, why does it feel like you’re trying to deflect some shade off ChiChi? We can throw dirt on multiple things at the same time.

    Sometimes people have an agenda to bring other people down…
    You mean like when you heled create Noir Male? Because anyone who thinks that site is about elevating Black men within gay porn and the gay community isn’t paying attention.

    and garner some attention…
    You mean like that time you held a poll to see if you should start doing bareback movies, when you had already made that decision based on financial reasons?

    everybody should just have their own opinions.

    That’s weird. I thought Jacen did just that, but you dismissed it because it didn’t jibe jive with your phony brand.

    • Hush-ins

      So Jake’s contract was discussed during Hayden’s filming in June?

      • Scrapple

        That’s not what I wrote.

        • Hush-ins

          I was shading Next Door’s release delay a bit, and it shows it clearly did not work.

          • Scrapple

            Oh. Ummm….yeah. lol

    • Tempest

      Küper, why does it feel like you’re trying to deflect some shade off Chi

      Because she doesn’t love herself and therefore desperately tries to enter any convo even if said convo doesn’t concern her, being all over the place that much has to hurt.

      • Scrapple

        Where’s the lie? Nowhere. That’s why his response to Jacen was so short. He thought he knew what the fuck he was doing, but obviously he did not. Like people who play with that Hellraiser cube. Küper knew the Cenobites were coming for that ass and he got the fuck out of there. lol

    • Devin

      On another note…have you watched the video of Max Konnor fucking this kid called DeBlondie? I haven’t seen fucking like that at any of these watered down studios. I never know his topping skills were like that lol You’re right, though. He’s the type to be cool with everything as long as he’s included or until he gets dragged on social media

  • Hush-ins

    When did Donte’s contract expire? Why was he still taking a photoshoot with them, if this is recent?
    Looks like Michael Delray is hell-bent on shading studios he worked with. First CockyBoys in Kink and then this, assuming my interpretation of his tweet is right.

    • Mokojojo

      Donte Thick would have to become black for NDS to stop working with him. They played outraged for a minute, wrote a tweet and then booked him for more stuff.

  • holgerson

    OMG how desperate must NDS be to work with this rubbish like J.P.!
    I am waiting relaxed for his mug shot? How long do I have to wait?

  • Devin

    No shade, but isn’t Chi Chi a former drug addict? Maybe the drugs messed up his brain. Can’t expect him to be all there. Again, no shade. You just have to consider these things, especially when the person’s behavior is all over the place

    • JT

      She’s always been a hot mess, drugs or not. And I never got the wow factor with the directing. What was so great? I’ve seen literally everything she’s done for C1R, most is meh in spite of the hot guys.

      • Devin

        Idk. It’s like Nicki Minaj. Not that great, but a lot of people like it.

  • Kenny Johnson

    Yes it is no surprise that came out of Jake Porter’s mouth. What is surprising (I think?) is that Next Door Studios approved the remark. “Hey, we know all of you think we’re awful, but since this racist says we’re not, we aren’t. So come on in to audition!”

    Do they have a PR person? Is that person smoking crack rock? 😛

  • GossipBoy

    I like NDS! <3!
    I'm not a fan of Porter, though.

    • Kanaka

      You’re always so nice. Without being patronizing. 🙂

      • GossipBoy

        Y-you think?
        Well, yeah I guess I’m a nice, optimistic, young adult :’3
        Thank you <3! :*

  • JT

    They’ve gone downhill since the days when their twink site was thriving. They had some hot boys and hot scenes on there. Then they became obsessed with Markie More and honestly it all went downhill after that. Some of the guys they get are truly hot but most work for other studios doing better stuff, and we barely see Latino guys on the site let alone African American or any other race. I mean gee, is it any wonder why they signed Jake Porter? And they have an all white photo shoot? “Birds of a feather” as they say, and I don’t mean La Cage…

  • Fridaybird1983

    This is who Troy Accola is dating? He could do so much better

    • Karla

      Well, Troy is my porn crush, so no one’s ever gonna be good enough, but seriously it is beyond sad that politics, personal views, opinions should divide people so much. That even Porter’s boyfriend should get hell. I live in Europe, so I really can’t tell which side might be right over there, bit it is no crime to support whatever or whoever one might feel right. Is it not something so basic about America? Free to think and express and shit. As long as you don’t hurt anyone else so to speak. Just wondering.

      • Fridaybird1983

        If advise you look into Trump so you could see why it’s so divisive. Living in Europe where he is extremely unliked, I’m suprised you haven’t heard Much. And yes you are free to express, just as you are free to disagree, which I’m doing. Also feel free to search Jake Porter on this blog, to see some of the very disgusting things he has said. But yes, Troy is great.

        • Karla

          Oh 🙂 Sorry I am just a dumb girl living under a rock watching porn.

  • Goblin Shark

    Love Jake and love NDS!