RawCastings Drops Dallas Reeves And Baileey As Producers Due To “Conflicting Management Styles”

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cokelfoatProducer/director duo Baileey and Dallas Reeves (seen above giving a model a bump of cocaine during a Pride parade in Florida) have been accused of lying about and forging STD test results and statuses, owing multiple people money/not paying employees, not paying affiliates, sending models with chlamydia to shoot scenes with Johnny Rapid, and knowingly hiring models who are violating contracts with other studios. As one model put it: “Dallas and Baileey are the most manipulative assholes alive.” They had their last studio, DallasReeves.com, taken away from them after allegedly not paying their business partners and affiliates, and now, it’s happened again. Str8UpGayPorn can report that Dallas Reeves and Baileey have been pushed out of their most recent venture, RawCastings.com.

OLB Media (the company that partnered with Dallas Reeves and Baileey to produce RawCastings) tells Str8UpGayPorn:

We have ended our partnership with Bailey and Dallas to produce RawCastings. We still own the website and plan to continue to update it and to manage it as we do all of our other sites. There are still some scenes in the can with which they may have been involved, but moving forward they will no longer be involved or associated with RawCastings.com. Hopefully we will be able to move the site forward and to produce better, bareback, casting-couch content.

When asked why, specifically, OLB decided to end their relationship with Dallas Reeves/Baileey, a company rep would only say that it was due to “conflicting management styles.”

Hopefully, this is the final nail in the coffin for Dallas Reeves and Baileey, and no other production company will make the mistake of partnering up with them ever again.

This week’s RawCastings update is definitely one of those “in the can” scenes referenced above, as it features Jack King, who retired over a year ago.

[RawCastings: Jack King Fucks Austin Floyd Bareback]


  • Who what where when how…

    happy dance. ?? good riddance to bad rubbish.

  • I very much appretiate how in recent years any time you write “Dallas Reeves,” it is accompanied by the phrase “(seen above giving a model a bump of cocaine during a Pride parade in Florida)”

  • Scrapple
  • Todd

    ‘ …. and we will no longer pay for your cocaine ….’

    ……. http://25.media.tumblr.com/7239eeb5ab7c132947f69d6e4194c2e1/tumblr_n09m6epupz1tqsvo0o1_500.gif

  • Xzamilloh
  • McM.

    Uh oh.

    The last time I heard “conflicting management styles”, said former-employee was engaged in illegal activities in such a way that made the company legally culpable. So rather than launching an internal investigation to unravel this person’s actions from everyone else, and dealing with an investigation by state authorities that would inevitably bring down several people, the person was simply let go.

  • Maximus
  • Russell47

    Pity King never bottomed. Boring top only ugh

  • Zealot

    And now for a final number from the VonTrapp Family to commemorate the occasion…

  • WhimsyCotton

    Maybe now Dallas Reeves can stop corrupting the innocent gay porn performers with his illegal substances!

  • 1234

    I’m not surprised at all. It was a matter of time before Dallas/Baileey got their site taken away yet again

  • AveryJones

    I just recently got out of Dallas and Bailey’s crooked ways.
    Back on July 4th I flew out to shoot for raw castings. Upon my arrival bailey picked me up in his classic black escalade. We did the whole go pro interview blah blah blah. We then got back to his house, and I remember him speaking to dallas about asking dallas’s mom for water bill money? Get your life together. There was also another model that had been staying there since he flew in from the night before. I have proof on twitter, and proof from him personally that this model had a threesome with the two and he swallowed for the both of them. This model is a great guy, and thank the lord he tested negative after everything had happened. Then continuing on to bailey wanting to see me naked. I showed him myself naked, and he told me I had to suck his dick. So I did. I didn’t know what else to do. I was scared, but I went ahead and sucked his dick, and he pushed me down on the ground, and fucked me. however he came all over my back. I’ve read the articles about them being HIV+ and such with no test results. So I got tested when I got back home, and just a few days ago, and thank the lord that I’m negative. Furthermore, while at the shoot I was made to feel very comfortable. The owner of the site, and his assistant were there, and they were some of the greatest people I have met thus far in the industry. The model house was maintained well, and I’m sure thats because it wasn’t bailey and dallas paying for it. My scene went well aside from the fact that I told dallas that I was uncomfortable using vaseline, and he told me that I wasn’t allowed to use my own lube that I was comfortable with using. So I had to bring it to someone else’s attention before dallas would stop being such a douche. Needless to say I got my way and everything went fine after that. Then we run into another problem. One of the models didn’t want to do a threesome/DP scene. He was asked once by someone who will not be named, but the guy was very polite in his proposal. However the answer was still no, and that was the end of that. Then bailey was on the phone, and I heard him say very clearly “We do not give our models a choice. Either they do it, and stop being such a pussy. Or they don’t and we send their asses home.” Mind you, bailey was removed, and was no longer a part of the shoot at this point. Not to mention he raped one of the models in the bathroom. And that model was a complete virgin. Bailey took something from him that he will never get back, and I’m sure the guy didn’t ever want it to end up like that. Needless to say I am so happy that I got out of their bullshit, and that I no longer have to work with sketchy people like them. It’s disgusting to me that they would photo copy my signature as well and put it in their contract. Then went on to say that I did sign it. No lol. Bailey never gets any of his models work. He had told me that he had dates for me on several occasions, but never came through with them. They are flakey, rude, careless, nasty, and forceful. they care about money way more than the people making it for them. Newsflash! Your models are making you money, so you should probably make them feel comfortable, and make sure they are taken care of. I am done with my rant now. I just wanted to add to the exposure of these sick human beings, and hope that one day they are taken down.

    • alex

      Did he really rape somebody or are you using a euphemism?

      • 1234

        He was being quite descriptive- real rape. Bailey & Dallas need to go down, send them to Hell preferrably

      • AveryJones

        The model filed charges. Yes he really raped him. They are sick bastards who take advantage of anyone, and everyone. They can’t even pay their own wayer bill. Maybe if they treated their models ALOT better they would have money.

        • WTF is he doing in Florida at a gay porn studio is he is a virgin? Usually you want to have a little experience before having your sex filmed for others to view.

          Naive twink?

    • Iamnotu

      I am not going to say that these guys aren’t the creeps most people say. Typically when you have more than one person question the character of another (in this case D & B) – there has to be some truth to it (or likely 90% truth to 10% fabrication of the truth). But – there is something highly suspect about your (Avery) claims as you’ve contradict yourself in your own “rant”. For one thing – you automatically assume the risk of contracting HIV OR STD’s when you sign up to perform for a risky site with a name called “Raw Castings”. You’re a savvy kid with knowledge of the internet (uhh – hello, Google is a fabulous resource) – a simple search would have given you enough red flags to avoid dealing with these people, but you didn’t. Likely because your end game is money and your own narcissism (anyone in the industry who is in front of the camera suffers from this, so don’t get too offended bu that statement). Additionally – you touted on your Twitter how you wanted to be a T.I.M model, a site known for having a high number of HIV positive performers with varying questionable tactics plus an almost exclusively bareback cast with a shit ton of internal cumming (also did a 10 minute skim on Google to determine this). To now be “worried” about contracting the disease or even a serious STD is almost laughable. Two – your claims of rape to the supposed “virgin”? You have an obligation as a fellow human being to report such incidences to the proper authorities. This was a fellow cast-mate who you claim was victimized yet you did nothing? Why didn’t you? Scared? Perhaps there was more going on in that model house than you’re leading on? If rape occurred, you’re equally as guilty as the alleged perpetrator. You did nothing and for that, that makes you a shitty person and aligns yourself with these guys.

      You have a brain – use it. You’re not a stupid person, do your damn research and protect yourself. You are in complete control of your own life future so stop acting as if you’re the victim when you put yourself in situations of serious risk. It’s hard to feel bad or concern for someone who uses social media as a way of self promotion then claims that they were “victimized”. How may more times are we going to hear about this?

    • Ant

      Is it Baileey in the POV scenes of rawcastings topping the models raw?