Tim Kruger Tells Michael Lucas To Fuck Off By Releasing New Josh Moore Scene

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timduckUKHotJocks did it last month, and now another gay porn studio has effectively told psychopathic model stalker Michael Lucas to fuck off by completely ignoring his deranged (and possibly illegal) threats. That studio is TimTales, and their scene today features studio owner Tim Kruger fucking Josh Moore.

Last year, Moore escaped Michael Lucas and Lucas Entertainment, telling fans that the failing bareback studio had endangered his life. Lucas has been obsessively trying to block Moore from performing anywhere else ever since, but he’s clearly failed once again. Sorry Duckface, you lose.C6FaVN-WgAIeZ3hThe only thing better than seeing these two fucking is knowing how mad this makes Michael Lucas.

C6BosjNWYAAG6kkFor months, Lucas has been threatening rival studio owners, models, and even bloggers by citing a fake “exclusive” contract that he claims he has with Moore until 2018. As anyone with a mildly functioning brain knows, Moore is free to film wherever he likes, and filming with TimTales was a nice choice. TimTales and Tim Kruger throw some nice shade on Duckface in their scene description:

Tim had the chance to meet his blond brother (practically), the handsome Josh Moore. Josh almost got bullied out of the porn industry recently and at TimTales, we don’t discriminate. Tim wanted to show Josh the German hospitality. And I guess he felt it very deeply! With almond-shaped blue eyes, a pink hole, and a big cock, Tim simply couldn’t resist.

C6CFgZrWQAACqdIThose of you who visit affiliate porn blogs that regularly post about TimTales should keep an eye on which of those blogs cover this scene, and which don’t. Those that don’t, obviously, are being controlled by Michael Lucas. As we saw earlier this week, Lucas has publicly admitted to threatening these bloggers (likely by turning off their affiliate accounts and commissions), which tells you just how worthless and pointless most porn blogs are.

Trailer (watch full scene here):

[TimTales: Tim Kruger Fucks Josh Moore]


As Josh Moore revealed on Twitter this afternoon, he and his boyfriend Logan have just become engaged. Congratulations!



    • Luca

      that’s fucking terrifying

      • Pertinax


  • Ceecee

    I feel like the universe is collectively telling Michael Lucas to fuck off.

    • V1

      I checked the handful of gay porn blogs in my bookmarks and (beside Str8Up) only one other had info on Josh Moore’s post-Lucas work. So at least for now, Michael Lucas may be winning the fight. :(

      • GCHQ

        For now

  • Zealot

    While Michael Lucas seethes, Josh is seeing, and Tim is feeling……


    • Ben

      What scene is this from?


        the scene released today with Josh Moore / timtales.com

      • JP

        Yes.. wanna know that too.

      • Seraph

        Just watch all his scenes and you’ll find it… or just check the one with Tim and Dominique Hansson.

    • snoopyfo

      Tim is daddy AF

    • Casey Scott

      Tim has such a gorgeous smile, I wish he showed it more often…

    • Jerry

      German daddy yasss

  • DaveAtom

    Thankfully, we and Josh can enjoy Tim Kruger. He is utterly gorgeous and adorable.
    I would love to receive that german hospitality now that I’m going to Barcelona T_T

  • TheSagaOf

    Tim Kruger is so fucking fine. He could get it any time he wanted.

  • Scrapple

    The following gif was created using found footage of Michael Lucas responding to this scene:


    Congrats to the Moores. They might want to put a rush on that marriage. The current administration doesn’t appear to be a fan of gays. Or immigrants. Or gay marriage. Or gay immigrants getting married.

  • steve adams

    Needs to be more stories on hot Tim Kruger!

  • AJ’s Black Widow

    Anything with Tim is great, don’t care about the other guy.

  • GCHQ
    • steve adams

      LOL who is this?

      • vanfanusa

        Both gifs are from Lucas’ The Intern which is one of his better movies.

  • Casey Scott

    Sigh, I was excited about this story until I was reminded about Tim Tales’ apparent requirement that the bottoms never be hard while getting fucked with that last pic :/

    • GCHQ

      That requirement is not true

  • MM

    Tim K gives me LIFE
    his studio is always coming out with hot scenes where there is REAL chemistry and hot fucking, great angles too! not boring shit most other studios are coming out with. There is so much variety on there

    • Luca

      I love Tim but you can’t say there is so much variety! All the scenes of the site are exactly the same (brief bj followed by long fuck)

  • erexshawn

    WTF is up (or not up) with Josh’s limp dick for half of this?

  • Alias74PornReviews

    Still can’t stay hard I see. No offense…Moore’s a hot look, but he’s not been the best performer in porn.

    • Ulf Raynor

      I see the Michael Lucas support team have made an appearance.

  • Galaxy_Scribe

    A porn star engagement…this should go well

  • No one should have to work under Lucas’s conditions and threats, but if your prize at the end is Tim Kruger, Duckface better sign me up!

  • Luca

    both European studios…

  • Maximus
  • Lucifer

    TimTales has Tim, of course, who is exquisite and some of the biggest dicks in the industry (humongous actually), but most of the times I am unsatisfied, as the bottoms are rarely hard, as some other commenters here have noted and they rarely cum when being fucked. After a few scenes, this gets boring

  • Artem Cullen

    haha runaway slut))))