WATCH: Ty Mitchell Co-Stars With Emma Stone In Saturday Night Live Skit

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He’s amazed us with his performances in dozens of gay porn scenes over the last two years, and now Ty Mitchell is amazing us in a whole new way by appearing on Saturday Night Live. Last night, the award-winning gay porn star made history (no other gay porn star has ever appeared in an SNL skit) when he appeared with Oscar-winning actress Emma Stone in a gay porn-themed skit on the NBC show. Stone plays an actress creating her character’s backstory (the character discovers her husband is cheating on her with another man, which could mean that SNL writers are fans of Ty Mitchell’s scenes—some of which have very similar plots!), and Mitchell plays Stone’s godson who is, of course, fucking her husband.

Here’s Ty Mitchell making history in his network television premiere:

ADDED: created this poster to celebrate the skit:

D4TAUGPXsAA-KwXAnd ICYMI, here’s a Ty Mitchell scene from that features a woman who, like Emma Stone’s character, had to do some acting. Although Mitchell doesn’t play the godson in this scene, he does get fucked by a man (Zach Country) who is cheating on his wife:

[ Zach Country Fucks Ty Mitchell]


  • Neil

    I liked it. But why not have a hunky stud play her husband (to piss off/turn on the bigots)? Why not show man flesh when she walks in on them? The SNL director’s choices seem to neuter the gay material. Makes you wonder if gay writers on the SNL writing staff would have made the difference (answer: their probably are, and, no, it doesn’t matter). She’s an old school fag hag in any case, and I like that she did this.

  • FieldMedic

    This is the porno that we’ve all secretly been waiting for.

  • Scrapple

    The accuracy tho. “She went to Jared’s…and found him fucking her godson.”

    First there was that Cocky Boys mention in that Sam Rockwell episode last year. Now this. Someone in the writer’s room definitely knows their gay porn. Isn’t Collin Jost the head writer? I’m just going to believe it’s him.

    • Ty Huber

      I gasped with joy and felt so smug that I recognized TM immediately (and kind of expected to hear a little more of an “aha” reaction from the studio audience — if you even just dabble in current gay porn you’re going to know who he is). I would totally have been poking everyone around me — “that’s a REAL PORN model, you guys …” Very enjoyable sketch, and the lube everywhere — such an occupational hazard.

    • NG212

      While Collin is a nice thought, it’s gotta be Julio Torres — an openly gay, young, Latino writer on the show.

      He also does stand up. You should check it out.

      • Scrapple

        How dare you imply a gay Latino comedian/writer is the reason a gay Latino porn model showed up on SNL. That’s stereotyping! Besides, we all know ScarJo is a professional beard/goatee. She married Ryan Reynolds.

        In all seriousness, Julio is funny. I don’t really pay attention to the credits, so I thought he had left last season. If this was his doing I’m going to assume he involved Collin in all aspects of creating this sketch. Including but not limited to, watching Men scenes featuring scorned women and casting the role of the godson. And Beck was there too, taking notes for his character.

      • magenta5

        Wells For Boys!

    • sxg

      Before Rockwell hosted during Adam Driver’s 1st appearance he did a skit where he was doing a gay porn scene. And also during the holiday season Matt Damon was in the Westminster Daddy Show. Only a gay could have come up with such a brilliant skit!

    • AlohaMar

      Don’t forget they did a whole riff on OnlyFans earlier this season (didn’t name check it, but you knew what they were talking about).

      • Scrapple

        Those degenerates! lol

  • gaysiantwink

    I would watch backstories for women who get cheated on in gay porn actually.

  • Casey Scott

    This is perfect! And exactly what I imagine the directors at MEN are like. “We gotta deliver a scene a day, let’s just get through this.”

    • 0NeedHelp

      and that why their porn sucks, i wouldn’t watch it for free, there no life too it at all… it all feels force and fake…

  • stephen
  • TK

    Loved the SNL skit, brought back memories of this:

  • Lanu Pongen

    Atleast one gay pornstar can act 😅.Good job Mr. Mitchell

  • Stevo Walker

    This was pleasantly entertaining. Good for him!

  • They could have picked a hotter Jared.