Best Of The Decade: The 10 Greatest Sean Cody Scenes From 2010-2019

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In addition to Str8Up’s Year In Review articles, I’ll also be doing a few Best Of The Decade articles, and this first one today is all about Sean Cody, the most regularly covered studio on Str8Up since we launched in 2013. And while the list below is about Sean Cody’s best scenes of the decade, Str8Up can declare Sean Cody’s Calvin as the overall best Sean Cody star of the decade. (ICYMI: all 24 scenes starring Sean Cody’s Calvin—pictured above—ranked from great to greatest.)

The Sean Cody star with the cock of the decade is Brooks, obviously:


Sean Cody has had a tumultuous ten years. While the first half of the decade was mostly stellar, the studio was sold to MindGeek in 2015, and it then went through multiple crew/equipment changes and production styles over the next four years, which resulted in several embarrassingly bad (and in some cases, literally unwatchable) scenes.

Who could forget when this happened:


But, as we close out the year and the decade next week, Sean Cody is on the upswing, and most of their new content since the summer has been fantastic. Archie alone has been responsible for more busted nuts in the last six months than perhaps every single Sean Cody scene released in 2017.

So, in looking back at the last ten years, how in the world was I able to narrow down hundreds of Sean Cody scenes into a top 10 list? Honestly, I don’t know, and if I were to revisit this list in six months, I’d probably want to change things around.

That said, this is the top 10 as I see it today, with one scene from every year, beginning in 2010. Note that I’ve added some explanations, excuses, and runners-up where necessary. Click any link to watch that full scene.

2010: Ethan and Calvin (watch full scene here)

2011: Immanuel and Jeff (watch full scene here)

2011 had dozens of scenes featuring Calvin, Ethan, Jake, Jess, Liev, Brodie, Ryan, Curtis, and Jarek, so having to choose just one for this year was ridiculous. Ultimately, I went with the best duo who aren’t featured in scenes in other years. Also, I’ve never gotten over the insane hotness of Immanuel, and wish he could’ve been in more scenes. And, hello, Jeff’s cock.

2012: Calvin, Dennis, and Jordan (watch full scene here)

2012’s runners-up include Jarek and Christian, as well as Peter, Calvin, and Joshua.

2013: Mountain Getaway Day 4—Tanner, David, Noel, Andy, Coleman, Bryce (watch full scene here)

2013 was the greatest year in Sean Cody history, so choosing just one scene from this year was next to impossible. But, because the iconic “Mountain Getaway” finale is one of most legendary scenes in modern gay porn history (and the best Sean Cody group scene of all time), it has to take the top spot. That said, any of these runners-up could also be considered the year’s best: Jess and Ryan; all of Brooks’ scenes (he is an all-time favorite and a horse-hung legend—I cannot believe I had to make him a runner-up!!) with Jayden, Ryan, and Cain; Randy and Ryan; Cameron and Daniel; Cameron and Blake.

2014: Jess and Peter (watch full scene here)

2015: Randy and Curtis (watch full scene here)

2015 was another great year, but nothing can compare to Randy and Curtis, which is also the greatest Sean Cody scene of the decade.

2016: Jess and Sean (watch full scene here)

2016 was Sean Cody’s last consistently great year before going through all their transformations, and the change in ownership became apparent. There were many excellent scenes featuring Ollie, Manny, Robbie, Jack, and Blake, but the main runner-up for me is Randy, Cory, and Dean’s three-way.


2017: Daniel and Jack (watch full scene here)

2017’s runner-up (which is almost a tie, tbh) is Brysen and Blake.

2018: Jax and Dean (watch full scene here)

2018 had scenes with several popular stars—Kaleb, Deacon, Joe, Lane, Asher—but in terms of the production quality on those scenes, this wasn’t a good year.

2019: Archie and Brysen (watch full scene here)

Agree? Disagree? Which model or scene was unfairly snubbed or forgotten?  Let me know! (FYI: I never got into Abe, although I definitely understand his appeal, so please don’t crucify me.)

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