“Spring Cleaning”: Following The Departures Of Seven Exclusive Models, Helix Studios Has Signed Five NEW Exclusives

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x43Following several weeks filled with high profile stars quitting the studio, one canceled book tour that left fans outraged, and one model being fired over what many believe to be false accusations of “theft,” it’s time for Helix to do some major damage control. Today, they’ve announced the hiring of not one, not two, not three, not four, but five new exclusives, and while five is still two short of the seven who’ve left, it’s still a strong collection of hot guys and great performers.

From left to right (below), they are: Tristan Adler, Tyler Sweet, Travis Stevens, Zach Letoa, and Jacob Hansen.

D1GCIOwXQAAxA_uTristan Adler (he was technically already a company exclusive, as he’s graduating from 8teenBoy), Tyler Sweet (who launched his gay porn career all the way back in 2011), and Travis Stevens (who had been on hiatus the last couple years) are familiar faces, but Zach Letoa and Jacob Hansen are both brand new. Here’s the Helix press release announcing the additions:

Tristen Adler, a former 8teenBoy exclusive who will now be performing for Helix, says, “I’m excited to be exclusive. My journey up to this point has been so new and wondrous, and I hope from here on out it will be even more so.” Tristan isn’t the only hire who may be recognizable to Helix fans. Travis Stevens—the six-foot-three-inch sexy stud who stayed on fans’ minds during his porn sabbatical—is back where he should be, ready to pound and be pummeled. Joining Tristan and Travis is another familiar face in the industry, Tyler Sweet, who retired a few years ago, but is now happy to be performing for Helix. Jacob Hansen is a blond-haired, blue-eyed babe who’s currently in school working on his business degree, and Junior UFC fighter Zach Letoa is no stranger to having all eyes on him. This American-Samoan model has 87 wins and a knockout body he’s not afraid to show off.

Zach Letoa’s first scene was with Andy Taylor last week. Jacob Hansen, Tyler Sweet, and Tristan Adler have had nothing released on Helix yet (though Tristan has over a dozen 8teenBoy scenes), but that’ll change in the coming days. The very hot (and very tall) Travis Stevens has been in a few scenes over the last month (most recently with Josh Brady), including this bareback flip-fuck Max Carter:

[Helix: Max Carter And Travis Stevens Flip-Fuck Bareback]

Finally, one quick question:

springWith the additions of Tristan, Zack, Jacob, Travis, and Tyler (in the wake of the departures of Blake Mitchell, Joey Mills, Angel Rivera, Cameron Parks, Julian Bell, Landon Vega, and Tyler Hill), has Helix’s “spring cleaning” (as Helix’s Kyle Ross put it) been successful?

  • Mister Sterious

    Isn’t Travis Stevens a has been?

  • doodlebug

    I’m happy about Tyler Sweet coming back. He was always a great performer and saved many a scene when he was at MEN. He should do well at Helix, actually being able to work with other gay guys.

  • SaintMike

    so….it just looks like the other guys aged-out

  • Scrapple

    Boys, don’t unpack those suitcases just yet.
    I’m not sure I’d call what Helix did “spring cleaning.” All they did was Febreze the furniture and move the dust from one corner to another.

    • GayhawkAZ

      I’m sure Kyle just pushed off with his feet and let the office chair move him. 🙄

      • Scrapple

        Office chair? I’m assuming he’s perched on an overturned mop bucket.

        • GayhawkAZ

          Oh, surely by now they’ve filmed some scene with a bottom (probably Kyle) getting banged out in an office chair? 🤣 He probably got told he can keep it as a souvenir.

  • FrenchBug

    Picture this: The Internet, 2019.
    Your former employer/friends is in a grave PR crisis and is launching a small counterattack with three retreads and two newbies. I have been hired to become social media manager in replacement of one of the folks who slammed the door on the way out.
    Why don’t I discuss my sexual distaste for black men? Perfect time to do that! And it is good, folks, one of you “might” be able to give him your black dick again some day. He didn’t say he wouldn’t consider maybe sleeping with one of you one day as a back-up.
    But I am sorry for my “joke”. I mean, it was a “joke” in the sense that I used the word racist but let me reiterate that I meant everything else.
    It is not a garbage fire at this point. It is hectares of landfill engulfed in a toxic inferno.

    • Scrapple

      I’m sure he’ll be very professional in his Penis Relations job. Jada and the American-Samoan will have nothing to worry about.

    • Stevo Walker

      Absolutely awful. “Social media manager.” If you’re going to try and put black people beneath you then don’t be white trash yourself. Sheesh.

    • Es Kay

      Oh my God I see him on Grindr every now and then! His profile is just a MESS.

    • Devin

      Who is Pauly? Never heard of him. What a douche. Why make the comment at all? There’s a lot of things that aren’t my preference. I don’t feel the need to tell the world, either. Did someone ask him a question about sleeping with black guys? Is that why he made the comment?

      • FrenchBug

        No it wasn’t. Apparently it stemmed from a personal conversation.

        Pauly is a long-time behind-the-scenes staple at Helix. He did a few scenes as a performer in the early days of Helix as Tristan Sommers.

    • OkButActually

      Considering Helix is, even with their handful of tokens, one of the whitest gay porn sites, this is unsurprising.
      So many white gays are white before they are gay

  • Izzy

    Travis & Tristan are upgrades on all but Blake

  • Austin Styles

    LOFL, now that’s funny!
    What’s the next exciting news ? A Welcome Orgy with Kyle & Max.
    That Press Release confirms the end of HELIX !

    • GayhawkAZ

      Probably a requirement of the contract.

  • Del

    All of them look interesting ( already liked Tristan from 8teenboy) I hope Johnny gets his hands on all of them (like in a spanking scene).

    • Adam

      Ditto to Tristan I loved that truth or dare scene

    • Stacy

      They all have to go through Max first, I’m sure

  • James Johnson III

    Tyler Sweet’s return is so welcome to me. He’s been a part of some of the hottest scenes. He has managed to keep that boyish look too! He’ll do great at helix

    • Stevo Walker

      I was also really excited when I first heard he was coming on board. He has two especially hot scenes from his Mindgeek days, one with him and Haigan Sence, and another where he plays the daughter’s boyfriend who hooks up with her dad.

      • James Johnson III

        Ooo I don’t remember the latter scene. I’ll have to look for it!

        • Stevo Walker

          It’s really hot, also there was a nice roleplay series called “Son Swap” w/ Colby Jansen fucking him.

          • James Johnson III

            Son Swap I remember. I think that was the second time Tyler and Colby fucked. Didn’t they do a scene where Tyler played a friend’s little brother and they fucked on Colby’s motorcycle too?

  • B.C.

    Attractive group of “saviours”, I’m willing to give them the benefit of the doubt.

  • 5 new bright-eyed, blissfully unaware victims hopping aboard the sinking ship formerly known as Helix Studios, the disastrously messy gay porn titan Titanic of Industry?


  • Stevo Walker

    The photos of the 5 (which Helix used on their blog) aren’t great, but it’s an average lineup anyway. KR’s ridiculous “spring cleaning” campaign is obviously an attempt to be clever/petty…but as another guy tweeted he (and his tired BF) would be gone years ago if any “spring cleaning” was truly happening.

    Tyler Sweet is a nice comeback…he had some hot scenes a few years ago and there’s also another guy with some previous experience. Overall though these guys will have a hard time replacing the people who left.

  • ppn512

    I’m looking forward to seeing Tristan Adler at Helix. His latest spank this scene was hot.

  • Dave Netherton

    Tristan has done really solid work at 8teenboy. I always believed graduating to Helix would be a natural progression for him. I have always enjoyed Tyler Sweet & I’m happy to see him back. If he started way back in 2011 & he was a minimum of 18 then, that would make him at least 25 or 26 now, he’s looks great for that age. Travis is just hot, but, I wish he would let his hair go back to his natural brown. Haven’t really had a large enough sample size of the other two since they just started, so, I will reserve judgement until I’ve seen more of them. So, Tyler is a fantastic addition but losing Blake Mitchell & Tyler Hill were big blows, but, I hold out hope that they may come back at some point. Joey, Angel & Cameron really never did anything for me anyways so I’m not losing any sleep over them departing. It’s a good start. Just wish they would diversify just a little more with more ethnic performers.

    • Ty Huber

      As long as they can hold on to Josh Brady, Corbin Colby, Ashton Summers, Johnny Hands & Dylan Hayes they’ll be fine.

      All fine performers, but Ashton is the only top in this group who makes my toes curl (and he’s vers to boot — at least at other sites). I’ll really miss watching Blake feeding that pole to his ever-grateful bottoms.

  • Kanaka

    Isn’t the Sweet guy like…30? So he’s a daddy at Helix??

    • Stevo Walker

      He’s still a twink (formerly at Men), and honestly the best one out of the 5 they came up with.

  • Shawn

    I’ve been hoping Tristan would make the move over to Helix for a while, and Travis is one of my all time faves (except for his old cam shows, they seemed really money grabbing). Needs to lose the blonde though (seriously, what is it with gays, mid-mid-life crises and bleaching their hair). I wonder if there are any bad feelings from the way he ‘retired’ from the industry previously? It was a bit messy as I recall.

    I hope this is a positive new chapter for Helix but I have a feeling we’ve just turned the page in the current dumpster fire of a chapter.

  • Svenne

    Wow, I had a high school crush on Tyler…and I just finished grad school. That’s crazy. He’s like the ideal guy for me…if only. I’m gonna have to renew my subscription

  • holgerson

    Not one can convince me.
    Maybe you dig Justin out, again

  • Devin

    Guess we’ll see how it goes, but I don’t think the new exclusives can replace the “old”. No shade, but they’re not on the same level as the old. I’m talking about looks and personality. Helix will find that the new exclusives will not have the same following as the old, meaning the numbers are not going to be there. I think their following will be a lot smaller than Joey, Tyler, Blake, etc. Also, I know that Tyler Sweet has a JFF. Will Helix allow him to continue posting on JFF?

    • Ty Huber

      I share your reservations but have hope that the new guys will evolve into superstars if they get good direction and support. Blake wasn’t all that hot when he started out IMHO, but you’re right — the skills he developed along with his magnificent body really turned him into an irreplaceable talent. Same with Tyler, I think, who didn’t really impress me at first whereas those last scenes: smokin.’

  • Luke

    Tristan Adler is hot enough he could be the new Kyle Ross for Helix. Sadly Kyle would probably sabotage him before that could happen 😂

    • Ty Huber

      Given his recent bodywork and hairstyling, plus the experience of maturity, I’d say Kyle Ross is himself the “new” Kyle Ross for Helix. But I get your point that Tristan could fill that twinkier category that Kyle owned during his first years at Helix. And Tristan seems like a normal, fun guy. Fingers crossed.

      • Luke

        Really I just meant he could become the big star of the studio like Kyle used to be.

  • Joel

    I’m not a Helix fan, but this is more entertaining than watching soap operas go through changes when a new head writer/executive producer is hired.

    • GayhawkAZ

      Gays of Our Lives? All My Twinks? As the Helix Spins?

      • Joel

        Good ones, lol. How about One Hole to Fill? LOL.

        • GayhawkAZ

          D’oh! Good one! 😀

          • Joel

            Haha. Gangbang Hospital.

          • GayhawkAZ

            I’d watch that!

            The Hung & the Helix.

            The Twinks & the Tops


          • Joel


  • Ty Huber

    Seems to me Helix is in a shortage of inspiring tops. Two guys I think are amazing as tops (in a more androgynous, pretty-boy way) are Ryan Bailey and Wes Campbell. RB did some scenes, took a break, and returned, but hasn’t been seen much lately. Not sure what happened to Wes. Maybe some of the new guys will be able to bring it.

  • Lightdagger

    I’m happy to see Tyler Sweet back in business. He always had the hottest scenes.

  • Tom

    Anyone know if Luke Wilder is still around?

    • GayhawkAZ

      I believe FrenchBug said he discreetly made his escape from the Helix dumpster fire.

  • gdawg

    get the money in cash up front kids! when this ship sinks, you’ll need it to get out of town. Also, 8TeenBoy is Helix. It’s one of their brands. So he’s no addition, just moving up to the older boys in the same building. Calling 8 of their most popular Models “trash” shows the lack of integrity this studio opperates under, and will eventually be their demise. Vegas corrupts a lot of people, even in gay porn.

  • Austin Styles

    At “less than $500 dollars a scene” as Joey tweeted back in January.
    It’s obvious why the boys are leaving. Keith moved the operation to Vegas to
    Cut costs, and we are just beginning to see the results.
    HELIX is now having to dig through the recycle bin & “kiddie pool” or hype newbies willing to work for minimum wage.
    If Travis’s so-called “Hiatus” means rehab, I’ll buy that.
    More aptly it was a “HIGH-at us” meaning hitting “rock” bottom https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/89c90434364b20c4399f270ea54e7d97be3f846ff60605970e7a9980ee22b5b3.jpg
    I’m referring to your 3/29/17 update article. His failed attempt to launch his own website with former boyfriend & probably (soon to be signed recycle/exclusive)
    Anothy Verusso. His twitter meltdown, trashing other Studios & models while praising HELIX. Reluctantly but tirelessly being fucked by “hairy old guys” @M.com or anything @JSL. Contracting Syphilus & blaming the other guy after
    Knowingly sucking a cock with a open sore on it !
    Unfortunately there is seldom an end-game in Porn.
    My guess is he got sober enough to have “the moment of clarity” the fortunate
    Ones get & came up with a plan.
    Turn enough tricks to buy a bottle of peroxide and a pair of “Ruby Slippers”

    • AlohaMar

      The “less than $500 a scene” is very likely the absolute newbies at Helix or 8TeenBoy. There’s no way that any of the ones that left were making that little. In fact, I recall Kyle Ross being interviewed (I think on this site) saying Helix models make between $500 or $600 and $1200 per scene. That was a few years ago & some rates may have changed, but not *that* drastically.

      • Austin Styles

        FYI, Things have changed drastically in Porn. Haven’t you noticed the decline ? Membership is down at most of the major Studios, even with the special offers. The once profitable DVD sales are almost nonexistent.
        Why buy when you can stream the new releases within hours for free ?

        • AlohaMar

          I actually say things have changed, but not to the point that popular or experienced performers are making less than $500 per scene. There is absolutely no way Joey, Blake or Cameron were making less than $500 per scene. Angel likely had a lower scene rate than those 3, but I doubt it was less than $500. Exclusives have contracts that guarantee a certain scene rate during the contract period. Why would Joey, Blake or Cameron, who were with Helix multiple years, sign a contract for that tiny rate. Scene rates may not be advertised, but you can get enough info to know that popular performers aren’t making *that* little. Joey was probably referencing the lowest scene rate, not his own.

          • Austin Styles

            Well, $500. or $1,500. It’s apparently not enough to keep’um !
            Will be interesting to see where Taylor Saracen is when the Dust
            Settles. A “Tell-All Behind Closed Doors Expose” of what really
            Goes on at HELIX. Now that would be a best seller ? Hell,
            James Franco might even Produce the Movie. Wonder who would play the rolls ?

  • Helix used to have really impressive models. The new hires are just meh.