[UPDATED] Jarec Wentworth Files Motion With Ninth Circuit Accusing His Own Lawyers Of “Government Sponsored Cover-Up”

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0004Almost one year ago, imprisoned gay porn star Jarec Wentworth wrote several letters to Str8UpGayPorn outlining his intention to file an appeal of his conviction after being found guilty of extorting Republican multimillionaire Donald Burns. In one of those letters, Wentworth revealed that, in his view, his own public defenders lied to him during trial and withheld evidence, which resulted in his conviction. And in another letter, Wentworth accused Burns, David Geffen, and the U.S. government of conspiring together to put him behind bars, and that he’d subpoena both Burns and Geffen during his re-trial. He addressed Geffen (whose name came up during trial after one escort revealed that he “feared for his safety” due to his friendship with Geffen) specifically, telling the billionaire, “See you in court.”

Earlier this month, Str8UpGayPorn reported that the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals is in fact considering Wentworth’s appeal for oral argument in Pasadena this June. Now, just yesterday, Wentworth filed his own motion with the Ninth Circuit, and he’s done so “pro se” (without the aid of the new, court appointed lawyer handling his appeal).

In the motion, Wentworth (a.k.a. Teofil Brank) asks that the court direct his appellate attorney, Ethan Balogh, to provide “full disclosure” of all the evidence and discovery in the case, which Wentworth claims he has still not seen. He goes on to reaffirm his belief that Donald Burns’ money and “political influence” led to a “government sponsored cover-up,” and that Wentworth’s own lawyers have assisted in this cover-up. He also points out the very real fact that Burns was never prosecuted for his own federal crimes (engaging in prostitution with multiple men across state lines), which Burns himself even admitted to under oath during the 2015 trial.

Wentworth’s motion filed with the Ninth Circuit yesterday, which clearly indicates that he is not pleased with his attorney:

jarec1 jarec2Cover-up or not, Wentworth/Brank is not overstating Donald Burns’ political influence, given his involvement with Republican politicians and Sean Cody models/escorts across the country, a fact that’s been well-documented here over the years via bizarre public appearances and political campaign contributions.

This post will be updated if the court responds to Wentworth’s motion.


The district court—and the same judge, John Walter, who presided over the original trial and sentenced Wentworth to 70 months in prison—has denied Wentworth’s motion to present the case’s evidence to him:


Wentworth has appealed the court’s denial, once again pro se and without any involvement from his own attorney. (It’s still unknown if the entire case’s appeal, for his actual conviction, will be heard in June.)

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