[UPDATED] Jarec Wentworth Files Motion With Ninth Circuit Accusing His Own Lawyers Of “Government Sponsored Cover-Up”

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0004Almost one year ago, imprisoned gay porn star Jarec Wentworth wrote several letters to Str8UpGayPorn outlining his intention to file an appeal of his conviction after being found guilty of extorting Republican multimillionaire Donald Burns. In one of those letters, Wentworth revealed that, in his view, his own public defenders lied to him during trial and withheld evidence, which resulted in his conviction. And in another letter, Wentworth accused Burns, David Geffen, and the U.S. government of conspiring together to put him behind bars, and that he’d subpoena both Burns and Geffen during his re-trial. He addressed Geffen (whose name came up during trial after one escort revealed that he “feared for his safety” due to his friendship with Geffen) specifically, telling the billionaire, “See you in court.”

Earlier this month, Str8UpGayPorn reported that the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals is in fact considering Wentworth’s appeal for oral argument in Pasadena this June. Now, just yesterday, Wentworth filed his own motion with the Ninth Circuit, and he’s done so “pro se” (without the aid of the new, court appointed lawyer handling his appeal).

In the motion, Wentworth (a.k.a. Teofil Brank) asks that the court direct his appellate attorney, Ethan Balogh, to provide “full disclosure” of all the evidence and discovery in the case, which Wentworth claims he has still not seen. He goes on to reaffirm his belief that Donald Burns’ money and “political influence” led to a “government sponsored cover-up,” and that Wentworth’s own lawyers have assisted in this cover-up. He also points out the very real fact that Burns was never prosecuted for his own federal crimes (engaging in prostitution with multiple men across state lines), which Burns himself even admitted to under oath during the 2015 trial.

Wentworth’s motion filed with the Ninth Circuit yesterday, which clearly indicates that he is not pleased with his attorney:

jarec1 jarec2Cover-up or not, Wentworth/Brank is not overstating Donald Burns’ political influence, given his involvement with Republican politicians and Sean Cody models/escorts across the country, a fact that’s been well-documented here over the years via bizarre public appearances and political campaign contributions.

This post will be updated if the court responds to Wentworth’s motion.


The district court—and the same judge, John Walter, who presided over the original trial and sentenced Wentworth to 70 months in prison—has denied Wentworth’s motion to present the case’s evidence to him:


Wentworth has appealed the court’s denial, once again pro se and without any involvement from his own attorney. (It’s still unknown if the entire case’s appeal, for his actual conviction, will be heard in June.)

appeal1 appeal2

  • Xzamilloh

    You better have some serious evidence if you’re going to accuse the prosecution of a Brady violation… I don’t the government gives a flying fuck one way or the other about a call boy… unless he’s got some of that Donald Burns tea.


  • Zealot

    SUGP has reached out to a commenter who appears to have his fingers in all things governmental. A commenter who has spent countless hours traipsing across our American landscape speaking to groups as diverse as The Wauwatosa Women’s Club (“Cheese Molds and Their Impact on Rural Air Quality”) to the Boynton Indiana Friends of Jane Austen Afternoon Tea and Cookie Exchange (“America’s Underuse of Horse Manure in Home Gardens”). His pop-up, inspirational speeches have led many a civic group to ask themselves if their very existence is a valid expression of contemporary intellectual pursuits. He has rocked many a think tank to their very core by challenging how they respond to challenges to the public’s sensibilities surrounding use of nylon hose to gather and channel rain run-off, and concerns over earthworm blight and how it may set off a butterfly effect leading to airline jet fuel shortages. This man, this visionary, Mr. Vadim Black.

    In responding to Mr. Brink’s allegations regarding governmental conspiracies surrounding his continued unfortunate incarceration, Mr. Black released the following comment:

    “I find Americans in general tend to discount just how often chemicals we imbibe, whether from prescriptions, over-the-counter medication abuse, or illicit substances for recreational purposes– pass those very chemicals through our urine into the ground water every time we flush. We should carefully consider if optioning the rights to our children’s environmental well-being is really worth that Xanax to prepare you for Aunt Mildred’s visit, or the plethora of ibuprofen finding their way down the gullets of many of our citizens every time they have the slightest ache and pain”.

    While we at SUGP consider the profundity of Mr. Black’s remarks, we’re certain that Mr. Brink will likewise parouse his terse stratagems for revelations. SUGP is confident that Mr. Black is actually implying that it’s not the government, or Mr. Burns keeping Mr. Brink incarcerated, but the ironic over-indulgences in our urine which shoulder the blame. More, as it develops.

    [Pictured: Vadim Black. Environmentalist. Caring person and friend to animals]


    • sxg
    • Zachary Sire


    • Marik Ishtar

      One day I’m going to find out who you are and send a bunch of strippers to your house.

      • Zealot

        Thanks Marik! While flattering I’m afraid the strippers already here might get a tad jealous! A simple up vote and “thanks” are all that’s ever necessary for me. Simple tastes you know!

    • Xzamilloh
      • Zealot

        Thanks man. Without getting into my sordid childhood, suffice it to say that I begged my parents for a set of World Book Encyclopedias when I was 10 and I read through them starting with “A” until I reached “Z” and started over again. I love reading (always have) so I guess it was all in preparation for what some might say are too-wordy comments on a blog about gay porn. So, money well spent mom and dad.

        • C3xxx

          *painful twinge of the heart* We just got rid of our 1976 WB Encyclopedia set. No schools wanted it, local charities scoffed claiming 1976 is way too old (until i reminded her John F Kennedy is still dead, 2+2 is still 4, and Na + Cl still make sodium chloride) or they only took french books. Had to call 1-800-Got-Junk :(

          • sxg

            Could have donated them to your local library. It’s what I did with the 1992, or 1994 set I had. When I was dropping them off I noticed someone donated a set from the early 70s lol

          • Franko65

            Trust me I tried and met with “french-only books” too. How disconcerting when one school told me their library no longer had bookshelves but CD/DVD racks for their computers.

          • C3xxx

            Trust me I tried and met with “french-only books” too. How disconcerting when one school told me their library no longer had bookshelves but CD/DVD racks for their computers.

          • sxg

            Well school libraries are different than public libraries. Lots of them are trying to go digital. Public libraries, at least here in Houston, still take book donations.

    • Dulcis Memoria

      The word is “peruse.” Everything else was so well and intelligently written, that I just couldn’t let a small misspelling ruin it.
      And I’m still ruminating over Mr. Black’s lucid and illuminating thoughts. Thank you for bringing them to my attention.

      • Zealot

        I tried “peruse” and I guess spell check didn’t care for it, or didn’t understand my intent, so the change occurred without my consent. But thanks for enjoying the post none-the-less! SMOOCHES!

    • Maximus

      It’s “Brank,” not “Brink.” Not that the rest of your post wasn’t wonderful! I’m just neurotic when it comes to writing.

      • Zealot

        Brink, brank, brunk…my conjugation obviously sucks this week.

        • Maximus

          to ruin a comfortable financial arrangement by greedily seeking out additional benefits.
          “He had such a cushy deal, but then he went and branked it.”

          • nick

            “Excessive branking finally ruined the relationship” ?

          • Maximus

            I suspect that the inclusion of the word “excessive” makes that sentence redundant, but you’d have to check with Teofil; he’s the expert, after all.

          • Zealot

            So would it be: “Teofil took a risk by extorting Donald Burns, but he brinked the bank and wound up in jail?”

          • Maximus

            It should be “he branked the bank.” “Brinked” is the conjugation for the first person singular and plural…according to the grammar rules that I’m inventing on the spot.

          • Zealot

            Prepare to be sourced. Long, hard and often.

  • Ceecee

    It’s a good thing the good lord made him gorgeous, because he certainly wasn’t gifted with good judgement.

  • WhimsyCotton

    He better be careful with those accusations. He might end up having an “accident” or might end up getting a sudden heavy dose of “depression” that may lead him to do “things.” https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/799e26ceb3422e55550144e6155af956223d71b5c7cd0beb5c9f8dd86c30c056.gif

  • Lady Macbeth

    So…uhm Mr. Burns, you didn’t hear Mr. Brank threatening to reveal private information about you, because you were in the shower?

  • Marik Ishtar

    How does the expression go? A Lawyer that defends himself has a fool for a client.

    Accusing anyone in government of corruption is serous. I really hope he’s thinking things through and isn’t caught up in “I’m alone versus the world” mentality. Teo, (may I call you Teo?) let’s not forget that you did the crime. Serve your time and move on to make the best of your life. Yeah, it sucks that you got caught, but no life is adverse to consequences. I just feel like throwing fingers around and shouting “I don’t deserve this!” makes people judge you harsher. Sorta like you are saying you didn’t learn your lesson and are admitting no fault to your felony.

    All-in-all, I wish the best of luck to you. I harbor no ill will towards you; except I think you deserve a slap for what you did to your brother, but other than that there’s no reason to hate you. Regardless of how any of this turns out I hope you find the bright side and move forward with positivity.

    I couldn’t think of a witty thing to say to go along with this GIF =(

    • Zealot

      I think Teofil is suffering from incurable hotness. I think it’s finally seeped into the deep, dark recesses of every pore of his brain and those little neurons and dendrites are misfiring all over the place. Such massive electrical surges resulting from excessive hotness (exacerbated by excessive hung-ness) culminate in a perfect storm of mental instability. God only know how much of that he’s having to spread around in prison to keep in stamps and canteen-access tokens. My guess is that his dance card is VERY full, and he’s active enough to raise the means to launch a full-scale investigation into the governmental wrong-doings keeping him in the “pokey” as we like to refer to prison in my neck of the woods. Pun (in this case) intended. Loving you back so hard Marik!

  • Pertinax
  • Dale Bergman

    I hate the fact that Donald Burns has become synonymous with Sean Cody.


  • Justin Trenton #NotMyPresident
  • Justin Trenton #NotMyPresident
    • IIR YUGO

      I love that scene. It was sooo over the top, even for the show’s standards.

    • skye3245

      love this!!! Hope the remake can do this and not resort to that whole “don’t promote violence” stuff. We need a release. I get this weekly on VH1 lol. I need this back. Let me peruse the web for old eps…

  • Scrapple

    So the government helmed by Obama put him in jail and he thinks the government helmed by Trump is going to get him out? An administration that isn’t fond of illegal immigrants, naturalized immigrants or immigrants who commit crimes? Yeah, this should end well.

  • badgamer1967
  • badgamer1967


  • FooFight
  • Marcus Collack

    I’ll say it again, that’s strange as hell. THey let a man who turned his nose up at the law, and admitted to operating a prostitution ring across state lines for an alleged extortion case. Since when do you let all the Big Fishes go, for a tiny fish.

  • Maximus

    It would be a plausible argument if the current administration had been the one that investigated and prosecuted him.

  • Anonymous

    We now know 3 things. 1) Ethan Balogh is court appointed (sorry Ethan). 2) Teo has an inmate lawyer helping him out. He’s probably being paid in commissary or sex or maybe one of Teo’s fans is paying him. He’s not very good. 3) Teo’s judge hates him and is going to rule against any motion he files.

    It’s also curious that Teo is in the medium security part of the prison. All things being equal, given that his sentence is less than 10 years, and there’s no violence in his case, he should be in a camp, the lowest security part of the BOP. Either he is not a U.S. citizen as he claims or he really pissed off the administration of the prison. Or both.

  • pangelboy

    Teo’s downward spiral into bribery and pimping and subsequent jailing is one of the saddest tales of last year. He was an excellent porn star. Like others, I enjoyed pretty much all of his scenes. Oh, well.


  • Javier Smith

    Someday we will have some sort of re-enactment of the highlights of this drama. Me? I’m hoping for a musical with an all drag queen cast .. or at least a Rick and Morty animated version like this one: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WTWdP5DMdsM

  • Zealot