Screenwriter Taylor Saracen Announces Resignation From Helix—Making Her The EIGHTH Employee To Leave The Studio In Less Than Three Months

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tayr-ConvertImage[Taylor Saracen and Blake Mitchell at a book signing for His Own Way Out last July]

Following Tyler Hill, Landon Vega, Blake Mitchell, Angel Rivera, Joey Mills, Julian Bell, and Cameron Parks, screenwriter and author Taylor Saracen has just announced that she’s the latest Helix Studios employee to leave the company. There have now been a whopping eight different people who’ve left Helix since December.

Two weeks ago, the studio and their publishing house—13 Red Media, where Saracen wrote three novels based on the lives of Blake Mitchell, Joey Mills, and Kyle Ross—faced severe backlash from fans after canceling their nationwide book tour in support of Saracen’s novel about Mills. With Saracen now gone, it’s not clear how (if at all) 13 Red Media will continue, given that Saracen was the company’s sole author, who played an instrumental role in its launch last summer. Saracen’s statement announcing her resignation, as posted this afternoon:

Many people have DMed asking if I’m still with Helix/13 Red & the answer is that I’m not. I’m proud of the work I did for the company (one more book coming soon), thankful for the opportunity & most importantly, grateful for some beautiful friendships. Now for the next chapter…

In addition to the novels for 13 Red, Saracen wrote two of Helix’s most recent features, Vegas Nights and Winter Break, as well as dialogue for several of the studio’s recent scenes.

Former Helix employees contacted by Str8UpGayPorn over the last month have been unable or unwilling to go on the record with explanations about their departures, but with seven popular models and now their screenwriter gone, it’s abundantly clear that there are ongoing issues at the studio. This is a developing story…

  • FrenchBug

    Genuine Q: is it legal concerns that are stopping you from telling us the story even in a general way, based on off-the-record information?

    • jimboivyo

      I think it’s the models who aren’t talking.

      • FrenchBug

        It is clear from what Zach says here and on Twitter that the models did talk to him off the record and Zach, who is close to many of them, at the very least knows more about what is going on. Which is to be expected. He knows a lot that he can’t report, which is fine and normal.

        I understand his journalistic integrity means he doesn’t feel comfortable reporting on it without named sources to back him up but I am tempted to say we have enough of a critical mass now that he could tell the story without people being able to piece together who said what and the story would still be credible, even with OTR sources.

        • jimboivyo

          I misinterpreted the article. Thanks!

        • JerryMacWire

          Agreed. Unless there’s some sort of filter, or agenda, or god forbid, censorship.

    • Zachary Sire

      Not my legal concerns, no.

  • JerryMacWire

    How many of these exits does it take before the management at Helix is forced to gaze into a mirror and face the hard question: maybe it’s not all these ex-employees who are the problem; maybe the problem is staring back at you?

  • Drew Kingston

    I guess that everything that Helix tried to restore a better financial situation did not work. Former models no longer wanted to work for less money and quitted. May be I’m wrong and other ongoing issues are the reason of the exodus. I hope the bad decisions won’t kill the studio which gave us many good scene even if in the last months the quality was not always as good as it was before Las Vegas .

  • Austin Styles

    Taylor’s statement says it all.
    She’s longer affiliated with Helix/13 Red.
    She is committed to the boys.
    It’s all gonna come out in her next book.

    I’m Sure they all sighned non-disclosure agreements.
    But as long as they stick to the truth and have each other’s back they have nothing to fear.
    The Helix attorney sent Cameron a taunting “tweet” accusing him of stealing?
    Classic !!!
    Helix has been recruiting young boys and baiting them with false promises, money, Drugs & alcohol for years. They are going to file a Law Suit ?
    Love to sit on that Jury !

  • Stevo Walker

    I’m sure that she didn’t appreciate the studio cancelling her book tour. Doing so due to an issue that didn’t involve her (between two models) was disrespectful and callous.

    The subjects of her books were also implicated in the drama, and she probably had a decent rapport with them as well. Not to mention the mysterious management issues that so many others have referenced…I am not surprised she separated.

  • Austin Styles

    No NDA’s ! Bet some Sphincter’s are tighter than “a Dick’s Hat Band”
    At the Mansion !!!

  • Scrapple

    And you know she knows all the dirt and has that shit committed to memory. I bet she strolled out of there on her last day like

    • Todd

      Kyle Ross just tweeted that Taylor is a cunt faced bitch twat. JUST KIDDING !!!

      • magenta5

        I think he’s just content going to gun shops at the moment.

        • GayhawkAZ

          I don’t know if anyone has mentioned this, but Helix posted a mini “documentary” about Kyle on their YouTube page. It’s interesting, if bordering on attempting to be shady. He rips on Max a little, says him proposing to Kyle at Xmas was terrible timing, he’s happier living alone etc.

          Maybe I’m wrong, but it certainly seems like this is Helix’s attempt to put on a positive face, given the number of models and staff that they have shed in recent weeks. (Hint to Keith if he’s reading: making Kyle your spokesperson isn’t a good idea. He just comes off as bitter and extremely self-absorbed.)

  • CamCam

    At the rate that this is going, I’ll be surprised if Helix is still operating this time next year.

  • SaintMike

    they have screenwriters?

  • OkButActually

    Well screenwriter?

    Maybe the books have more substance because the few scenes i’ve seen were maybe 6 lines of dialogue and made MEN seem deep, no shade.

  • DanielA

    Well, I think now both Taylor and Joey Mills can possibly go and that book tour on their own,that is how it looks to me.

  • Default_User

    Here’s a thought: the reason Taylor left and the boys kept mum is that she is going to collaborate with them to make a book about their experience with all the drama and personal narrative folded in, either fictionalized roman-a-clef style or a factual tell-all.

    • magenta5

      I would hazard a guess there’s NDAs attached to their contracts, so it’s a fun idea but unlikely.

      • Default_User

        Porn studios with NDAs? Surely you jest. Either way those things can be legally dealt with.

  • Helix is just a whole fucking mess right now.

    • CamCam

      Couldn’t have said it any better.

  • Austin Styles

    If you read the the statements issued by Joey & Cameron, Re: the book tour cancellation & termination, vs. The “official Helix” Statements by Kyle. It’s likely that Taylor Saracen is already collaborating with the boys & maybe even an Attorney.

  • Austin Styles

    Just watched Helix’s latest release. Josh Brady & “New Exclusive” Jacob Hanson.
    Couldn’t wait for you to Post Announcement of New Release.
    FYI…..lHelix, When “Exclusive” looses his erection 20 seconds into Blow Job by
    Josh Brady. The appropriate thing to say is “CUT” !
    Even the excellent Creampie Close Up at end couldn’t save the scene.

    • AlohaMar

      I’ve seen you comment a lot lately, which is fine, but we do get it. You really, really don’t like Helix.

  • PaulieP

    Mom I got a job
    Honey, where.. what are you doing
    I am writing dialogue for gay porn
    gay porn is that a tv show
    no mom, i am writing scenes for guys to fuck to and dialogue
    honey, don’t tell your dad

  • FrenchBug

    By the way, wasn’t Jett Black (I think) also announced to be “returning to porn” by working behind-the-scenes with Helix a while back?

    • He Left helis a LONG time ago (maybe 2 years ago), I think he was a flash in the pan there

  • gdawg

    So is Kyle Ross still taking out the trash for Spring Cleaning, as he stated? I doubt her departure was model issues, but rather Studio issues.

  • GayhawkAZ

    Shocked. Yes shocked, I am! 🙄