Jarec Wentworth Update: Judge Grants Motion To Protect Donald Burns’ Identity, Trial Set For May 12th

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Earlier this week, U.S. District judge John Walter granted Jarec Wentworth’s alleged extortion victim Donald Burns’ motion to keep his identity private in court proceedings, until or unless there is a trial.

The judge’s order is, obviously, completely meaningless given the fact that Donald Burns’ identity as Wentworth’s alleged extortion victim and partner in hiring Sean Cody models for “private meetings” has been public knowledge since Str8UpGayPorn’s exclusive report on Burns two weeks ago. And since that report, multiple mainstream media and gossip websites have named multimillionaire Donald Burns as Jarec Wentworth/Teofil Brank’s victim, so it’s hard to imagine what good Burns and his lawyers think this court order will do. But, hey, here are your tax dollars (and undoubtedly a lot of Donald Burns’ dollars) at work:


If Wentworth/Brank can’t work out a plea deal, his trial is set to begin on May 12th, at which time Donald Burns’ identity will “officially” become public. So, until then, I guess just pretend that you don’t know who he is?

ICYMI, here is a complete and chronological recap of every single Str8UpGayPorn story on Jarec Wentworth/Teofil Brank and Donald Burns, starting with the Str8Up exclusive that first broke the news of Wentworth’s arrest in Los Angeles on March 23rd.

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